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WorldServ offers a complete suite of stored value products, including pre-paid debit and gift/loyalty cards, working with a broad set of partners ranging from sponsoring banks/financial institutions to retailers, distributors and other services providers, according to program.

Sponsoring Bank/Financial Institution Partners

WorldServ works with key, innovative issuing banks that are primary members of the leading global card schemes and payment networks to sponsor and issue its pre-paid debit stored value programs.

The sponsoring banks/financial institutions:

Act as depository institutions for deposits onto cards via loads, payroll direct deposits, etc.

Provide compliance with requisite financial regulations

Sponsor the programs into the various card schemes to allow global acceptance at millions of merchant locations and ATMs

Settle with other banks for purchases, ATM withdrawals, etc.

Benefits to sponsoring banks include:

Additional deposits

Additional transaction fee income

Access to unbanked/underbanked markets, both for new customers and for CRA compliance purposes

Retailers Partners - Distributors, Customers

WorldServ works with selected retailers as authorized distributors for its pre-paid debit card programs, and/or as customers for its private label gift/loyalty card programs.

Approved and participating retailers acting as distributors sell pre-paid debit card programs and work as loading stations for the cards. Retailers are selected based on their proximity to, and frequency of use by, unbanked/underbanked communities and neighborhoods, and can be across any tradestyle. Participating retailers generate incremental card sale and transaction fee income, additional customer visits and resulting increased sales, and enhanced customer loyalty and differentiation.

WorldServ is in the process of significantly expanding its retail distributor network. Increase your revenue and in-store traffic by becoming a WorldServ distribution partner.

On the other hand, retailers would be customers for our private label closed-loop gift/loyalty/promotions card programs. Retailers offer these programs to their customers to attract, retain, reward and grow their clienteles, while generating incremental revenue and customer visits. In addition to being used as traditional electronic gift vouchers, cards can be used for store merchandize return, corporate award programs, and corporate pre-paid accounts with retailers, etc.

We would love to hear from you if you are considering any of these applications, where we can assist you in driving more revenue while gaining and retaining customers.

Other Services Providers

WorldServ integrates and manages the services of other service providers as needed for various programs. Other service providers include certified printers, fulfillment houses, call centers, payment network gateways, etc. Contact us if you would like for any of your services to be integrated into one of our programs.

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