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WorldServ offers pre-paid stored value card programs that could be open-loop pre-paid debit cards sponsored by partner banks/financial institutions or closed-loop gift/loyalty cards sponsored by partner retailers.

Pre-Paid Debit Card Programs

Our pre-paid debit card programs are focused on serving the unbanked and underbanked consumers, providing them and their loved ones the flexibility, security, and convenience of a pre-paid debit card accepted at millions of merchant and ATM locations worldwide. The cards provide unbanked/underbanked consumers and their loved ones the flexibility and convenience of features like general purpose personal spending and cash withdrawal at millions of locations worldwide, card-card money transfers/sharing, and payroll direct deposits.

The unbanked/underbanked consumers constitute a large and underserved global market.

In the US, an estimated 30% of the population falls into this category, translating into 90MM consumers and more than 46MM households. Half of these are immigrants or temporary workers, both of whom send money home.

The EU/European market is similar to the US in size and characteristics.

Upto 80% of the population in developing countries is unbanked/underbanked. That translates into approx 2.5BN consumers in the four key regions of South Asia, China, Latin America and South-East Asia.

The unbanked/underbanked consumers who can benefit from our programs include:

Immigrants, migrant workers

Education/youth travel

Temporary contractors, transient workers, commission agents

Students, entry level workers, weak/no credit

Benefits to the unbanked/underbanked consumers include:

Flexibility, convenience, security - POS purchase, ATM withdrawal, on-line/travel use, pay bills; develop credit history

Ameliorate cost of wire transfers

Reduce cost/inconvenience/delays of paper checks & money orders

Our pre-paid debit card programs are issued under the sponsorship of partnering banks and are branded by global card associations and payment networks allowing for worldwide acceptance at millions of merchants and ATMs. Our programs are compliant with concerned card scheme operating regulations and requisite country financial regulations.

General purpose personal spending cards can be sold and loaded at authorized and participating retail locations, and can be packaged as single or multiple cards, and with separate or shared card accounts. Depending on card type and regulations, cards can be instant issued or shipped to cardholder address. Cards can also be loaded at participating commercial loading networks and at partner bank and financial institution locations. Cardholder can get multiple cards for family/loved ones and undertake card-card money transfers/sharing. Cardholder can also opt-in for direct deposit of payroll to the card.

For an employer wanting to offer payroll cards, we recommend setting up a separate payroll card program for the employer.

Gift/Loyalty Card Programs

Our gift/loyalty card programs are private label closed-loop cards that allow retailers to offer effective gift, loyalty and promotion programs to their customers, helping the retailers to attract, retain, reward and grow their clienteles, while generating incremental revenue and customer visits.

The gift/loyalty cards are retailer branded and supported, and are activated, loaded and redeemed at the authorized and participating locations of the sponsoring retailer. Card programs can be setup as single use or reloadable, and can be with or without cardholder information. In addition to being used as traditional electronic gift vouchers, cards can be used for store merchandize return, corporate award programs, and corporate pre-paid accounts with retailers, etc.

Loyalty and promotions programs are setup according to business rules established by the retailer. Loyalty features can be in the form of points, in-store discounts, percent off future purchases, and free merchandize after a number of purchases, etc. Promotions can be in the shape of a dollar value card, percent off, free merchandize, store discounts, etc., and can be by time periods, markets, consumer segments, etc.

Gift/loyalty/promotions programs can be linked to each other and to other open or closed loop programs.

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